Tour routes

Photo by James Manson

Route #1 – Auyuittuq National Park / Muktuk Fiord
Berry picking and wildlife tours, visit old Thule sites and qammaq en route

Route #2 – Auyuittuq National Park / Coronation Fiord
See amazing landscapes where the glacier meets the fiord, wildlife tours, steep cliffs, icebergs

Route #3 – Auyuittuq National Park / North Pangnirtung Fiord
Wildlife tours, old graves, steep cliffs, icebergs. Hike or ski through Akashayuk Pass. Visit LEELIE Lake and waterfall for some fresh glacier water to quench your thirst on the way back to town (located outside of the Park boundaries)

Route #4 – Cape Searle and Reid Bay areas
Canadian Wildlife Areas. Bird nesting areas, wildlife tours, photographic opportunities

Route #5 – Kivitoo Whaling Station and Kekerturnak Island (Parks Canada )
Walk among the ruins of the first European contact with Inuit people and examine old Thule sites and both marked and unmarked graves

Tour route map

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Map of Nunavut

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Canada map

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Other tour routes include:

• Okoa Bay
• Padloping Island
• Cape Dyer
• Old Broughton
• Home Bay
• DEW Line
• Trips around the island and nearby fiords